YGLF Vilnius 2020 Call For Papers
Welcome to You Gotta Love Frontend conference, May 14 - 15, 2020.

We're looking for speakers who are passionate about Frontend and willing to share their knowledge, amazing work and ideas with the community.

Visit us at https://lithuania.yglfconf.com

Check out the videos of the lectures and photos from YGLF 2019:
- Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLII-CO3Ff0qad1tCXd4QGvP6oNPMhAnCt
- Photos: https://lithuania.yglfconf.com/photos
Submission deadline
CFP is open from October 1st, 2019 to February 1st, 2020.
We will inform the submitters (no matter if their talk was selected or not) by the end of February, 2020.
General details
Contributions must be in English. You're welcome to submit multiple topics or ideas for consideration, however you can only talk once.

All the YGLF talks are divided into 3 categories: keynotes, full-time talks and lightning talks. There will be no Q&A on the stage, however it is expected from speakers to be available in the certain area of the expo zone during the break after their talk, so people can ask questions.

Some ideas for topics:
- Trends and hot topics which are relevant in 2020 and beyond
- Design patterns, principles and best practices
- Advanced JavaScript
- Testing concepts, practices, methodologies, tools
- Security
- NPM, Node.js, GraphQL
- CSS, HTML, Fonts, Layouts
- Performance
- Monitoring
- W3C, ES Next
- Frontend tools (Webpack, Rollup.js, Prettier, Buck, Bazel etc.)
- Architecture, scaling massive frontends
- Non-technical topics: time management, procrastination, motivation, burnout, planning, etc.
- Languages transpilable to JavaScript: TypeScript, Elm, ReasonML, etc.
- JavaScript framework comparison (avoid topics about particular framework features)
- Sharing personal experience working with certain technologies, stacks

All the submissions will be reviewed and ranked by our content committee. The committee consists of technical people from different companies, mostly software engineers. We might contact you for additional information before we do the final voting.
Selected speakers will have the full cost of attending covered, including conference ticket, hotel (conference days + weekend), and airfare, along with taxi to and from the airport. Certain incidentals or outside meals may be at your own expense. If you previously purchased a ticket and are selected to speak, you will have the full cost of your ticket refunded.

We plan to have a speakers' and organisers' dinner on the eve of the conference, as well as a small tour around Vilnius the day after the conference. Both events are optional, yet it's a great opportunity to get familiar with other speakers, organisers and the city.
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