Great American Treasure Grant Application
The NSCDA Museum Alliance Committee, under the auspices of the NSCDA, awards competitive grants annually to Great American Treasures member sites.

This grant was created through the NSCDA Comprehensive Campaign and is designed to help our museum properties and, by extension, the communities they serve. Supported projects will advance the preservation or awareness of the historical trusts (buildings, collections, landscapes, gardens, or communities) of the NSCDA. Preserving and protecting the fabric of our nation’s heritage through service to our people, places, and things, stands at the heart of the NSCDA’s mission and programs.

Program Contact:

Please direct any questions about the Museum Grant to:
Samantha Dorsey
NSCDA Programs Manager

Grant Details:
Grants are awarded annually and should be spent within the following fiscal year.
The grant does not permit an “overhead” or “operational cut” to fund oversight. Projects should not be so complicated as to require an additional grant administrator. They may be used to fund the hiring of a temporary staff person or intern.

Be a member of the Great American Treasures alliance.
Be regularly open to the public.
Submit a complete application by the deadline.

Grant Reviewers:
The NSCDA Museum Alliance Committee
An advisory panel composed of museum field peers  

Grant Schedule and Terms:
The application deadline is July 15, 2022.
The grant will be announced October 15, 2022.
Recipients must publicly acknowledge the NSCDA and the Great American Treasures Museum Alliance in all outward-facing communications pertaining to the award.
Recipients must email a one page report, with any applicable images, detailing the use of funds and community impact to date, to the NSCDA Programs Manager by May 1 of the following year.

At the completion of the project, recipients must submit a one page summary report, with any applicable images, detailing the activities and the impact of the project to the NSCDA Programs Manager by October 31 of the following year. The information and images submitted in all reports may be used for internal and external publicity purposes.  

Application Instructions:
Fill out the electronic application. After you've submitted the electronic application, submit the following documents, as a single PDF, to the "Great American Treasures Museum Alliance Grant 2021-2022" folder on the “NSCDA Dropbox” on or before EOD July 15. Use this link to submit:
Financial statement (990)
Current fiscal year budget
List of Board of Directors or staff members  
One letter of support from the project partner. (If applicable.)
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