What Worries You About Life in Old Age? An Exploratory Study
This is an exploratory survey being conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab to understand what concerns people may be thinking about today in anticipation of their life in older age. All responses are anonymous. Estimated time to complete is less than two minutes. If you would more information about this study please email agelabinfo@mit.edu. Thank you.
Please list three worries or concerns you have today about your life in old age.
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Of these three worries, name the one that causes you the most anxiety and why?
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"I am planning and preparing today to reduce the chances of these issues becoming a major problem in old age"
Do you agree with this statement? Choose from the options below:
I am a:
My age is between:
My education is best described as:
When I think about my future life in old age, I typically seek trusted advice and information from:
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I think old age begins at:
Please select the age group you think best describes 'old age'
My approximate household income is:
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