Anterior shoulder instability registry 2015
Registry for Anterior shoulder instability cases by TOSSM
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Patients characteristic : Dominant hand? *
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Operative findings : Position? *
Operative findings : Labral lesion? *
Operative findings : Labral lesion location? *
Clock-face position (e.g. 3-6 o'clock)
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Operative findings : Glenoid rim lesion? *
Operative findings : Glenoid rim bone loss percentage?
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Operative findings : Humeral head bone loss? (Hill Sach lesion)
Radiographic measurement of maximal depth from plain X-rays or CT scans, if absent - go to the next question
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Procedure : Operative correction *
If combined operation, please state in "Other"
Procedure : Number of anchors *
in Bankart or Bony Bankart or Remplisage or Glenoid reconstruction
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