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How do we support our loved ones and community members coming home from SF jails? What is this transition like? What supports already exist and how can they be strengthened?

Being released from jail can be both one of the most exciting, almost breath-taking experiences. It can also be completely terrifying, almost paralyzing. It is incredibly hard to be coming out of a cage and navigating the "outside" world again, regardless of how long you've been inside, or how many times you've been in and out, or what kind of a home you're coming out to. It takes a strong community having your back and being there for you - no matter what - to really be able to adjust to living outside of a cage again.

While there are many supports and services throughout San Francisco, there are still so many cracks to SF's systems and reentry process. In order to build a self-determined, healthy, equitable, and sustainable San Francisco that is free from jails and the violence of policing, we need to address and transform these cracks. We need to ensure that every person freed from county jail can connect with a community that helps people not only stay alive but thrive, providing opportunities for healing, positive transformation and self-determination.

Join us for a virtual Community Event as we learn from and build with community members who have been freed from SF County jails and a panel of grassroots reentry experts on how to strengthen support for folks getting out of jail. Together, we will begin generating collective ideas for how SF can build an abolitionist reentry system.

This is the second workshop of the Abolition in Action series and will be on Tuesday June 30th from 6-8pm. Please register by Tuesday morning.
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Optional: This session will be a "Webinar" Format, so the speakers and panelists will primarily be speaking to the audience. We won't have break out groups in this event. We will also go through a resource list and show people how to use it at the end of the session. There will be time for some Q & A to the Panelists. What questions do you have about reentry supports and services?
Optional: As mentioned above, we are compiling a reentry support and services resource list. What services or organizations have you experienced that you would like to see on the list?
Optional: What is your relationship to SF Jails (some examples: I have been previously locked up, I know family or community members who have been locked up, I work with folks who have been incarcerated, I have no connection)?
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Optional: What do you need to be interested and engaged while talking to people through a screen? We will do our best to accommodate.
Optional: Please let us know if you have any access needs in order to attend this session online (e.g. closed captioning, large font, advance copy of slides, ASL translation). We will follow up with you! Please let us know by Friday June 26, if possible. If you would like someone from NNSFJ to get in contact, please indicate that here.
Optional: Would you like this session to be translated into another language and if so what language?
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Aquí formulario de registración en Español:
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