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Use of Images

The General data protection regulation came into force on May 25th 2018. As part of the regulation, and to support the school in ensuring that all data is used appropriately and securely, we are required to ask for specific consent for a number of ways in which we can use your child’s image for school purposes. Many of these are to ensure that we can run the school efficiently and effectively; some are to be able to communicate successes and celebrations with you as parents and some are to ensure the continued sustainability of the school within the wider community.

We are, therefore, asking all parents/carers to give your written consent for your child being photographed or videoed in the following circumstances.

• individual and class images for personal and school records
• images taken during school-based activities and displayed in school
• during school events attended by other parents / carers and visitors
• during visits by the media, where any images taken will not be accompanied by the pupils’ full names
• during school visits where the accompanying staff have control over images taken
• in class for teaching purposes
• where images are used on the school website, images will not be accompanied by the pupils’ full names

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