Roper Mountain Science Center Virtual Training Assessment
We are a family here at Roper Mountain Science Center and we love our volunteers. We would not be successful without you! This mandatory training helps ensure that all of our team is on the same page, united under the same principles and expectations. We are now offering Virtual Training in place of our former in house hour-long meeting. While we love being face-to-face with everyone, we hope this new training method is more accommodating and flexible with everyone's schedules and time. If at any time you would like to schedule an in-person meeting or tour, please feel free to contact us.

This assessment will take at least 45 minutes to complete. Do not begin this training unless you have at least 45 minutes to thoroughly read through all content and watch videos.

This training assessment must only be completed by the ACTUAL VOLUNTEER and not anyone on behalf of the volunteer. The assessment may be retaken if needed at no penalty.

Please complete the Online Application AND read through the Training Handout PRIOR to taking this Training Assessment. Both are found on our volunteer web page.
Some of our awesome volunteers and staff in a end-of-season celebration!
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Roper Mountain Science Center Training Orientation and Training
Thank you for helping with the volunteer needs at Roper Mountain Science Center. By joining us, you are helping to fulfill the mission of the Science Center, which is to educate and inspire learners of all ages to explore and investigate the world of science and technology. You will be an integral part of our vision which is to be a pinnacle of innovative learning, an engine for community engagement, and a national leader in science education. We look forward to working with you and we hope your experiences at Roper Mountain Science Center will be enriching and fun!
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Watch this 5 minute video to get an overview of what we do here at Roper Mountain Science Center.
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Perks of being a volunteer
If you complete at least 40 hours of service in the "volunteer year" that runs from May-August, you qualify for a free family membership. This gives you access to the Association of Science-Technology Centers Travel Passport Program across the nation!

Oftentimes, we recruit our best volunteers to become part-time staff including lab, camp, farm, etc. assistants!

We also hope that you will gain new friendships and community contacts throughout your volunteer season.
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Adult Volunteers
Volunteers that are 18 and older are required to complete the Greenville County School District background check every year. This is part of the online application process. High School students that are 18 or turn 18 must also forward their clearance acceptance email to Richane Robbins.
If John turns 18 in October, does he have to complete the district background check even though he is still in high school? *
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