PML Heavy Machining Work Permit
This form is required for all HEAVY MACHINING done in the MEAM Precision Machining Laboratory (Towne 169).

Heavy machining includes any work done on mills and lathes (manual mill, ProtoTRAK Mill, Haas Mini-Mill, Fadal VMC, manual lathe, Haas TL-1 CNC lathe). Work requiring heavy machines will require proper engineering drawings (with a properly formatted title block), followed by approval by shop staff, which is reflected on the wiki Heavy Work Permit Approval page.

If you plan on using light machines (drill press, band saw, sander, grinder) in conjunction with your heavy machining, a light machining work permit does NOT need to be filled out.

Heavy work permits will be approved Monday thru Friday ONLY. Requests submitted after 12PM on Friday will not be approved until Monday.
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First Name *
Last Name *
Email Address *
(@SEAS emails ONLY)
Department/Lab/Course *
The department/lab/course responsible for the work being done (e.g. MEAM 101, MEAM 347, EE, BE, Kodlab, Modlab, GRASP)
Faculty Supervisor *
The faculty responsible for the work being done (i.e. Dr. Fiene, Professor Yim, Professor Kuchenbecker)
Drawing Number/Title *
A brief title to identify your job, as written in your engineering drawing title block (e.g. 08 Heat Sink, Robot Shaft Collar, Fly Wheel)
How many parts will you be manufacturing? *
Enter the TOTAL quantity of parts that you will be manufacturing.
Which machines will you be using? *
Check the boxes of the machines you will be using.
Estimated Time Required *
An estimate of how long your job will take (in hours)
Brief Description of Work Involved *
NOTE: Briefly describe machining plan, including machines/cutting tools/materials. (We strongly encourage you to review your raw material and cutting tool purchasing needs with Shop Staff PRIOR to purchasing them)
List ALL Cutting Tools Used *
Full description needed: e.g. 1/2" Endmill 2-flute, 1/4-20 bottoming tap, #43 drill
List ALL Raw Materials Used *
Full description needed: e.g. 6061 Aluminum Alloy, 303 Stainless Steel, C360 Brass
You must email your engineering drawings (PDF FILES ONLY!) to
Before you hit submit on this form, it is required that you email your engineering drawings (PDF FILES ONLY!) to using the email address indicated above.

Your engineering drawing must contain a properly formatted title block.

The form of the subject line should be:

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MM/DD/YY, PML Work Permit Engineering Drawing

Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a delay in processing your work request.
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