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Welcome to Almost Home Bulldog Rescues foster program & thank you for considering a rescue dog in your home. As a foster care provider, you can help make second chances possible and better prepare a homeless bulldog for a successful adoption.

We are excited to get to know more about you and your lifestyle, so please be thoughtful, thorough, and accurate in each response. For the safety of our dogs we verify all information, therefore it can take several weeks to process your questionnaire.

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What training issues have you dealt with for your personal pets and how did you handle them?
If you have not owned pets in the past 5 years, please explain your pet history
Can fosters be isolated from your pets if needed?
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What supplies do you have to accommodate your foster dog (crate, toys, beds, bowls, etc.)? *
Are you able to provide daily care (food, treats, basic grooming) for your foster? *
Do you have experience caring for sick animals? *
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Who will feed, exercise, and train your foster dog? *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
Where will the dog be kept when no one is at home? *
What are your thoughts on crate training?
What training issues are you NOT willing to deal with? *
Fosters often need to visit our designated animal hospital for scheduled exams, vaccinations and emergencies. Would you be able to transport your foster to and from these appointments? *
Can you transport your foster to adoption events (on weekends) that Almost Home attends? *
Are you currently looking for a companion for your pet(s) or yourself? *
Do you want to become part of our foster program long term? *
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Almost Home Bulldog Rescue does not have a “foster to adopt” program. Although, some foster families may fall in love with their foster bulldog and choose to proceed with an adoption. The animal is considered the property of Almost Home Bulldog Rescue until an adoption agreement is signed and associated fees are paid. *
I understand that Almost Home Bulldog Rescue reserves the right to remove the animal from my home at anytime. *
I understand that upon fostering a bulldog from Almost Home Bulldog Rescue, I will abide by their foster agreement. *
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By Submitting an online Almost Home Foster application, you agree that the information you provided is true and understand that false information may void the application. *
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