2019-2020 UTM BCM Radiant/ManUp LifeGroup Leader Application (PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE COMPLETING)
Thank you for your interest in SERVING as either a Radiant LifeGroup Leader or a ManUp LifeGroup Leader. The information below is VERY DETAILED and VERY IMPORTANT to understand EXPECTATIONS for the Radiant or ManUp LifeGroup Coordinator. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at utmbcm@gmail.com.

To serve as a Radiant or ManUp LifeGroup Leader, you must be willing to agree to the following EXPECTATIONS:

EXPECTATIONS FOR THE UTM BCM Radiant or ManUp LifeGroup Leaders:

1. Maintain a consistent devotional life and pray regularly for all phases of the
BCM ministry.
2. Live a LIFE ABOVE REPROACH so that you do not serve as a stumbling block
in someone else's faith (Please Read Romans 14:13 and 1 Timothy 3:1-3)
3. Sense God’s call to serve as a Leader in the BCM
4. Be an active participant in a church while a student
5. Participate in UTM BCM EL and Leadership Team Interviews in order to determine who should serve as a
Radiant or ManUp LifeGroup Leader
6. Attend LifeGroup Leader development and planning meetings which include
*Spring LifeGroup Leader Training, TBD
*Fall LifeGroup Leader Training before the Fall Semester, August TBD
*BCM Survival for Incoming Students, August 18-21, 2019 @ UTM BCM
7. Encourage LifeGroup Members by attending BCM events throughout the school year
8. Plan the Radiant or ManUp Overnighter and Attend UTM BCM Winter Retreat
9. Consider participating in a BCM Mission trip (December Break, Spring Break or May Break trip)


***Because I believe that I can serve God through the ministry of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, I offer myself for consideration as a Radiant or ManUp LifeGroup Leader. I realize that in accepting this position, I am committing myself to be supportive of and active in the total BCM program. I understand that, as a LifeGroup Leader, I will be recognized as a Christian and as a member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry on campus. Therefore, I will seek to set an example as a Christian in my social conduct. Should I find myself unable to keep this pledge, I will resign my position. *
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Name three (3) characteristics of a healthy LifeGroup? *
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What about Radiant/ManUp makes you proud to be a part of it? *
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What does it look like when people from different parts of the BCM are all pulling in the same direction?
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Please give a brief description of how you came to know Jesus Christ... *
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How would you describe your walk/quiet time with God in the last few weeks? *
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At the BCM, we value the spiritual growth of college students and desire to see Godly mentoring relationships. With this in mind, WHO have you been INVESTING IN this school year? *
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Who has (have) been INVESTING IN you this school year? *
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What are TWO of your Strengths? *
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Who is your FAVORITE person (besides Jesus) in scripture and why? *
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How much Time will you be able to devote to the BCM next school year as a LifeGroup Leader? *
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What other UTM Organization Expectations & Time Demands (work) will you have in the 2019-2020 school year? *
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What aspect of the BCM Ministry mentioned below has had the greatest impact on your college life? *
Chose one of the following and explain...Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Missions, Worship
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