Final Major Project 2017
The following questions are for unsure aspects of the a project currently being worked on. Your answers will influence how the project will continue. Answering the questions sensibly will be appreciated.
What is your favourite piece of creative media(film, game or other) that contains a tank as a main feature? *
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Please explain why it's your favourite *
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What is your favourite real world Tank? *
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Please explain why it's your favourite *
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This project is for a 3D tank battle game. If you were to play a tank game, what is the preferred camera view? *
The tank in this project could potentially aim in different ways. Please select your preferred. *
This game will need a win condition. Which one would your prefer to play? *
What kind of map would you feel works best for a tank battle game? *
What art style would you like to see in this tank game? *
There are two options for the tanks movement that offer two different game-play experiences. Which way would you like to play? *
One Idea for this project was to base the games look on existing 2D property for the 3D tank game. An example of this is Metal Slug in the video below. Please have in mind that this project is for educational use only. Which would you prefer? *
Metal Slug Level 1 source:(SilentLen, 2009)
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