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Do you want to join SteamProphet "Group Bravo"?
This is the biggest private group I run myself that's currently taking recruits. If so, invite yourself by going here and click "apply for membership":!forum/steamprophet-league-bravo
Do you want to join SteamProphet "Group ClarkTank"?
This is the second private group I run. Technically anyone can join, but it's designed specifically as a community for the viewers of Ryan Clark's Twitch Channel, "ClarkTank": ( If you want to join, invite yourself by going here and click "apply for membership":!forum/steamprophet-league-clarktank
Do you want me to share your contact info with other respondents, so you can join up in an independent league?
(Optional) IE, a league someone else starts other than the one(s) I'm running. By default, your information dies with me. It only gets shared if you explicitly say "yes."
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