The Mamelodi Initiative Summer Jam Volunteer Application
Hello, and thank you for your interest in volunteering at The Mamelodi Initiative Summer Jam

Mamelodi Initiative Summer Jam (MISJ) is a three-week program for high school students in Mamelodi, from
We provide academic tutoring and recreational workshops to equip our learners to succeed in school and life. Ultimately, we want to provide a safe space for the youth to LEARN, GROW, DREAM and ACHIEVE! For more information on the Mamelodi Initiative, check out

Before we start, let's answer this question: Why volunteer?

There are many potential reasons to volunteer. You might do it to..
-Gain valuable experience to add to your CV / resumé
-Hone skills that will prepare you for the workplace or future service
-Meet like-minded individuals from all over the world
-Learn from talented, funny, affectionate and passionate learners of Mamelodi
-Empower youth by encouraging them to follow their dreams and by being a positive role model
-Receive valuable mentorship from MI leaders
-Get involved in a growing, innovative social movement
-Make a positive impact that goes far beyond yourself and reaches the entire community

The better question is -- Why not?

Fill out this form to apply to be a part of the #MISJ volunteer cohort! It should take 10minutes, so please make sure you have sufficient time to complete it thoughtfully. Remember -- this is your chance to show us that
(1) you truly care about the learners we serve,
(2) you are fully committed to carry out your responsibilities, and (3) you will constructively gain from and give to the MI volunteer community.

You will find more information about the program as you fill out this application.

Follow the link bellow to find out more about us:

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