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Please be sure to enter the name of the NIMBioS event that is associated with your product(s). The information you provide is reported to our funding agencies to help measure the productivity of center activities.

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(FORMAT: Gavrilets S, Vose A. 2009. Dynamic patterns fo adaptive radiation: Evolution of mating preferences. In Butlin RK, Bridle J, Schluter D (eds) Speciation and Patterns of Diversity, Cambridge University Press, pp. 102-126.)
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(Indicate presenter(s), date, title, and venue) (FORMAT: DeGroot, C. October 2009. Spatial epidemiology of campylobacteriosis in East Tennessee. Phi Zeta Research Symposium, Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.)
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(Indicate investigators, year, title, sponsoring organization, amount and funding status.) (FORMAT: Pannkuk EL, Risch T, Savary B, Gilmore D, Huss M. 2009. Fungal digestion of chiropteran integument. National Speleological Society. $5,800. Accepted.)
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Educational Aid or Curricula
(List theses or dissertations, new courses, course materials or training workshops, including name, data, title) (FORMAT: Pannkuk, EL. 2010. Dissertation: Fungal metabolism of chiropteran integument and biomechanical damage by geomyces species. Arkansas State University.)
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(Please provide a brief description and provide NIMBioS with a copy where appropriate) (FORMAT: Kirchner, K. 2009. ELO: An application for converting between data formats.)
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