AUCMUN Backroom Staff Application Form
In order to organize the crisis committees, we are looking for people to organize and execute the crises for our two crisis committees: the Council of Olympus and the Historical Security Council (descriptions can be found on our website).

You would for part of the Backroom staff of one of the committees, managed by the respective Crisis Manager, and together will be responsible for bringing the crisis situation to life. Tasks will include: responding to in-committee questions, coming up with creative representations of crisis news, representing out-of-committee figures such as presidents, etc. Before the conference, the backroom staff members will also be asked to make themselves familiar with the committee topic and come up with potential crisis scenarios.

Through the application process we hope to see how you are an ideal candidate for the position, and gain some initial insight into your experience, vision for the committee, and motivation.

**Deadline for applications is SUNDAY JANUARY 20TH**

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