Restoration Request Form
Please fill out this form in its entirety. The form will be reviewed by our restoration crew leader, who will get in touch with any follow up questions. We will then schedule a time for you to bring the boat into the shop for a consultation, where we will provide you with a price estimate for the project. We do not offer offsite boat consultations at this time.

Urban Boatbuilders specializes in wood canvas restoration. We do not accept fiberglass or composite restorations. If you have another type of wooden boat, please be specific while filling out the survey so that we can ascertain whether the project is feasible for us to accept. Other types of boats requiring only small repairs may be accepted, as long as they fit the below requirements.

Boats must be:
20’ and under in length
Under 200 lbs

We charge a range of $175-$250 per foot plus the cost of materials for restorations, with all proceeds directly benefiting our youth programs. The specific estimate, which will be provided by the restoration crew leader, will depend on the scope of the work. For restoring the interior hull of a boat or canoe we first strip the old fishing off, sand, restore the wood with linseed oil and finish with 3 coats of varnish. The charge is $100 per foot.

For re-canvassing, we charge $75 per foot which includes removal of the old canvas cover, application of a new canvas cover, silica filler, sanding, and painting. Often, once the canvas is removed other issues with the wood are identified, which can be fixed at an additional charge. A detailed estimate will be provided. Wood repairs can add $25-75 per foot to the overall cost of the restoration.

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