2020 TOMODACHI Alumni RISE Leadership Program, Regional Leader Application Form
For TOMODACHI Alumni(こちらは一度TOMODACHIプログラムに参加経験のあるアラムナイ限定プログラムです)

【募集中】TOMODACHI RISE リーダーシップ・プログラム(TOMODACHI アラムナイ・地域リーダーになろう!)

TOMODACHIアラムナイの「Regional Impact for Social Empowerment (RISE) リーダーシップ・プログラム」は、各地域のアラムナイ同士が「つながり、エンパワメントし、インスピレーションを与え合う」機会を促進し、より拡張性・持続可能性を持って関わり続ける方法を編み出します。






質問がありましたら、tomoalumniregional@usjapancouncil.org までにご連絡下さい。


1) 募集期間: 2019年10月-11月
2) 選考(選考に残った応募者にインタビュー):2020年1月-2月
3) 2020年度地域リーダー発表:2020年2月末予定


・他の地域のAlumni Regional Leaders との交流

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You’re welcome to include the following topics to answer this question: Your TOMODACHI Experience (lessons learned + what you want to share), Your Goals (professionally or personally), Your definition of an “Ideal Community”
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What is an issue or challenge in your community you'd like to address? (300 words) *
As a Regional Leader, you will be able to plan two events per year. The first will be a Welcome Event to unite & reunite alumni, but the second event will be open to address an issue you believe in. The second event will be of your choosing. What needs or challenges in your region would you like to address and why?
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If selected, will you be able to attend the Orientation on March 20-22 (Tokyo), as well as the Regional Leader Training on June 27-28, 2020 (Tokyo)? *
The Orientation and Regional Leader Training are mandatory for your role as Regional Leader.
If selected, I certify that I will be able to perform the duties as regional leader for the one year term required. If I need to change plans, I will provide one month notice and recommend a suitable replacement or consult with the Regional Mentor. *
If you agree, please sign by writing in your full name in English (romaji).
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