American Rescue Plan Stakeholder Feedback
The Bald Knob School District is seeking critical feedback from various stakeholders who have significant insight into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning. Feedback will be used to inform the school's plan for the use of funds received.
What are the most pressing educational needs for students in Bald Knob? *
Highly Concerned
Concern for some
No Concern
Student attendance or engagement
Mental health and behavioral needs
Safe and healthy classrooms
Student dropout
Loss of instruction in 20-21 school year
Access to high quality teachers
Access to high quality instruction
Access to wi-fi or broadband
Access to technology
Untitled Title
Do you have specific suggestions to address any of the pressing education needs that you marked as "highly concerned"? *
Are there any other pressing educational student concerns that were not listed above?
Is there a group of students that you believe were disproportionately impacted due to COVID-19 that the Bald Knob School District should specifically address? *
Highly Impacted
Somewhat Impacted
Not Impacted
Students from low-income families
Students of color
English Learners
Children with disabilities
Students experiencing homelessness
Children in foster care
Migratory students
Do you have suggestions for community partnerships for evidenced based summer or after school programs?
Please include any other concerns or comments the school should consider for the use of ARP ESSER funding.
Check all that describe you.
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