Seychelles Marine Research Diver Database
In an effort to increase collaborations and exchange amongst organisations in Seychelles that conduct marine ecological monitoring and/or research, the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) is initiating the ‘Seychelles Marine Research Diver Database’ with the support of the SeyCCAT, through the “Communications for Change” project.

Ultimately, the database aims to improve the effectiveness of marine science and management in Seychelles through capacity building and knowledge sharing, as well as increased local and regional networking. This database, promoted on SIF's social media pages, website and newsletters aims to list qualified divers skilled in marine survey methods who are willing to be contacted by organisations such as SIF and others, to assist with marine field work activities. If you are interested to be listed in this database, please answer the questions in the
below form.

SIF is committed to ensuring the security and protection of all personal information collected. All information shared is intended solely for the use of contact for marine monitoring and research opportunities. The information within the database will only be shared with relevant, legitimate organisations and upon formal request, agreeing all information is not shared further and used solely for the purpose of work opportunities.

Only relevant fields are mandatory to answer and the rest will remain optional to ensure you are comfortable with what you share in the database. However, we encourage you to share as much information as possible to increase your chances of being contacted by organisations. By submitting this form, you agree and give SIF permission to share your information with relevant marine monitoring and research opportunities and organisations.
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Divers on Aldabra
1. Full name *
2. Date of birth
3. Phone number *
4. Email address *
5. (a) What is your current and highest diving qualification? *
(b) Year of qualification
(c) Where were you certiftied? Please indicate the organisation and country
6. Number of dives you have completed *
7. (a) Do you have experience in marine survey methods that require SCUBA diving?
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(b) Please indicate the methods you have experience in
(c) Briefly describe in which capacity you have learned and used these methods.
(d) How long have you conducted these methods?
8. (a) Do you have experience in processing collected data?
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(b) If yes, please indicate the methods you have experience in. Please specify (a) the taxonomical level you have experience in identification, (b) the software you have used for image/video analysis, and (c) the software you have used for data analysis.
9. Please indicate at which locations you would be available for work
10. Is there any other information relevant to this database you would like to share?
11. Do you have any feedback you want to share to help improve this questionnaire?
Hereby, you agree to share your information with relevant marine monitoring and research opportunities and organisations. *
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