FCS Dual Language Immersion Application for 2020-2021
This application is only for rising Kindergarteners zoned to Brandywine, Cumming, Kelly Mill, or Mashburn Elementary in Forsyth County, GA.

If you are not zoned to any of our participating DLI schools, please complete the interest form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9_lHJPzpP6oUZVqV3j_8r0xO135Xd3BC2YSt8BgrT5VGArQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
If there are any slots available after the regular application period closes on May 15, 2020 we will notify you on how to apply.
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Has your student attended a Spanish Immersion Pre-K program? *
Does your child know/speak Spanish? Please explain how often and on what occasions he/she speaks Spanish. If your child attended an immersion pre-K program please provide the name, address, and time frame he/she attended. *
Forsyth County Schools offers schools the option to implement innovative instructional models. Brandywine, Cumming, Kelly Mill, and Mashburn Elementary have opted to implement the DLI Program. In this instructional model, students spend half of their school day receiving content area instruction in Spanish and the other half-day in English. This model is based on research that indicates that students who receive content area instruction in two languages attain higher levels of language proficiency and academic achievement than their monolingual counterparts. The goals of the Forsyth County Schools DLI programs are to: Develop bilingual and biliterate students; Improve literacy skills; Increase academic achievement in all content areas, especially reading and mathematics; Instill cultural competence: prepare students’ sensitivity and skills in working with others across cultures; Prepare students to be collaborators; and Prepare students to enter the global workforce. I would like my child to be considered for Forsyth County Schools’ DLI Program. I understand that the enrollment of my child in the program is based on my understanding of, and commitment to, the following 19 conditions: *
Commitment 1: I understand that these DLI Parent Understandings do not register my student for kindergarten. Kindergarten registration is a separate process. All students must be registered at the Almon C. Hill Educational Center located at 136 Almon C. Hill Dr (formerly named Elm Street), Cumming, GA 30040. The Registration Center is located around the back of the building. *
Commitment 2: It is possible that every student registering for this program will not be accepted due to limited space. If more requests are received than space is available, a lottery will be held of all students whose requests forms were received by the registration deadline. *
Commitment 3: A waiting list will be maintained. Waiting lists expire at the end of the kindergarten year. *
Commitment 4: Schools reserve the option of cancelling the DLI program if there are insufficient numbers of applicants. *
Commitment 5: I understand that my child will participate in DLI classes during their K-5 elementary experience in their current school. I commit that my child will attend the DLI program throughout grades K-5. *
Commitment 6: The program is completely voluntary. DLI is only one of many quality educational opportunities available to your student in FCS. *
Commitment 7: There is no additional cost to parents for this program. *
Commitment 8: I understand that attendance and punctuality are of key importance when learning a second language. I commit to having my child attend school regularly and on time. *
Commitment 9: I will give positive reinforcement, encouragement, and support to my child and DLI teachers. I understand it is not unusual for children to experience fatigue, tears, and / or frustrations while learning an additional language. Knowing this, I will not request removal from the program for these reasons. I will encourage my child to persevere while learning a new language. *
Commitment 10: I understand that my child’s classroom includes students of all academic levels and/or language proficiency levels. If my child is not achieving at either expected level, I will work with teachers and administrators to address concerns. However, a request to enter the formal process for withdrawal from the DLI program will be addressed only after the student has received support and help that would be offered any child experiencing difficulties. The formal process for withdrawal from the DLI program for enrolled students is handled on an individual, case-by-case basis. *
Commitment 11: I understand that the core instruction in math and science is provided in Spanish. I understand that my child will also be taught Spanish literacy skills (i.e. reading and writing). *
Commitment 12: I understand that my child will receive daily reading, writing, and social studies instruction in English. Additionally, my child will receive content area support in English in math and science. *
Commitment 13: I will reinforce the language learning process at home by reading with my child for a minimum of 20 minutes daily in my native language and providing opportunities to reinforce the English and Spanish language goals of the program. *
Commitment 14: I will attend scheduled school activities and meetings such as parent-teacher conferences, parent workshops, Open House, and related events during the school year in order to learn more about the DLI program and support my child’s success. *
Commitment 15: Due to the uniqueness of this program, the media or visiting professionals may request photos or videos of the teachers and students in the classroom setting. For that reason, I grant permission for my child to be photographed, interviewed, and / or videotaped for the purpose of enhancing the DLI program. *
Commitment 16: DLI is a very challenging program. A child who has good listening and comprehension skills, is flexible and able to handle transitions is a good candidate for the DLI program. A child who is easily frustrated or has a hard time staying focused may have difficulty with the demands of DLI. *
Commitment 17: The rate at which students acquire and use a new language may vary. It may take many months (and, in some cases, years) before a student will feel comfortable speaking his or her new language freely. Your student’s teacher will be able to provide you with updates on your student’s progress as well as guiding questions to help your child use the new language at home. *
Commitment 18: If parents decide not to participate in the DLI program after enrolling, but before the start of the school year, it is their responsibility to contact the school as soon as possible so that other students on the waiting list may be notified. *
Commitment 19: Schools reserve the right to withdraw a student from the DLI program. *
By signing this commitment form, I am verifying that I have read the document “DLI Parent Understandings Form” and I am aware of the program’s guidelines and procedures. I wish to request acceptance of my student in the DLI program. Parent Electronic Signature *
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