Northern Lights Gathering 2018 - Welcome!!!
Update: Hello! We've had lots of responses so, unless you are being signed up through one of the Cx Connectors (Goose, Sabrina, Sarah, Krista, Debbie, Daryl, Sabrina, Devin) or get in touch with us directly, we suggest you don't fill in this form as we are almost full! We'll be in touch with applicants shortly. Thank you!


We're excited that you're interested in this year's gathering. If you don't like filling out online forms like this, you can call, facebook, or email us and we'll chat with you and fill it out on your behalf.

If you prefer French, please use this form:

This gathering is for young people who want to: Connect with other young people, develop their leadership and storytelling skills, build relationships, make change and lead in their communities, and step out of their comfort zone.

The Northern Lights Collaborative is a group of people and organizations supporting youth in Northern Ontario, though this year extending to Northern Canada.

Funding is provided for travel, food, and accommodations - the more info we have the better so we can plan the activities and manage the budget to get as many people who are interested together.

This gathering is co-created, you get what you put into it! There will be moments of fun, but also probably moments of awkwardness. We consider this part of our values and how we do things, more here:

While we follow an "unconference" format, with some activities planned but no strict schedule, Oct 12-14 are the "planned" days, and there are options to arrive earlier if you would like to hang out in an unstructured environment, help plan, set up, etc. if you are comfortable creating your own entertainment responsibly and going with the flow.

*Please note that we would love to welcome every young person who wants to attend this gathering; at the same time we have limited funding and will give priority to young people who may not be well-supported or connected in their current community work.*

About The Gathering
What interests you about this gathering?
What are some things you'd be interested in doing / learning?
We can't guarantee anything but we're gauging interest
Is there something you'd like to see or learn at this event? Is there anything you'd like to lead or co-lead?
We can't guarantee, but would like to hear from you and if we can make it happen we'll get in touch!
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What made you want to come to this event?
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About You
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What communities and identities are you part of?
(This helps us plan for diverse representation; feel free to include anything you'd like that might be relevant!)
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What's your contact info? *
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How old will you be on 1st October 2018? *
If you'll be under 18 years old 1st Oct 2018, or have accessibility needs involving another person travelling with you, who will you travel with?
Please note that you will need the signature of your legal guardian to complete registration. If this is a challenge for you please contact
What dates are you available?
Note we will fully pay for travel, accommodation, food, and other accessibility needs
Do you need a ride or bus/plane ticket to join us? *
Please let us know how you'll get from where you live to where our gathering will be. As mentioned, we are able to provide funding for your travel. We may group people together in carpool or travel groups.
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Do you have any specific needs around roommates?
If yes, please let us know name of person you'd like to room with, if you would prefer to stay with someone of the same gender, etc. and we'll do our best to support you.
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Do you have any food restrictions or choices?
Please describe any food allergies or considerations in "Other"
We love kids!! If you have children, you’re welcome to bring them, or we can pay for a babysitter. Do you require childcare support?
If so, please let us know what kind you would prefer (bring my children, childcare on site OR leave them at home, require compensation)
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Any other accessibility considerations you'd like us to be aware of / where we can provide support?
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Do you need any support to attend this beyond financial or emotional? For example, do you want us to help convince your school / employer / parent to give you time off to attend?
This may be eligible for school credit, volunteer hours, professional development. Or we can talk it through with you and/or contact your school or employer to advocate for you to join us.
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How did you hear about this event? *
If I am selected to attend, I agree to abide by guidelines put in place for safety, which will be agreed on together as a group
If I am selected to attend, I'm aware that there may be people taking photos and film to share the story of the gathering. I consent to using the photos or video
Anything else you'd like us to know / questions you have?
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