Cooperation Humboldt Community Fruit Tree Intake Form
We at Cooperation Humboldt are very excited to be partnering with you to plant a fruit tree at your home or business. Not only will it become a beautiful and vibrant tree, but it also brings us one step closer to making Humboldt County a place where the landscape itself can provide us with the food that we all need. With your help, we’re turning our community into a food forest, one tree at a time!
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We'll plant a fruit tree at your home, business, school, or place of worship, at no charge, with the understanding that the tree will be for the benefit of the whole neighborhood (ie not just for your own personal use). Successfully nurturing your tree to maturity requires our mutual commitment to its growth and health, ensuring that over the course of its life it gets the care it needs to thrive. Cooperation Humboldt will work with you to determine what type of tree you would like (good options for this climate include apples, Asian pears, some plums, and Frost peach). Cooperation Humboldt will work with you to choose a planting location that will meet the trees needs and be accessible to the public for future harvesting. Cooperation Humboldt will purchase the tree and plant it at the location we’ve chosen together. You will be responsible for watering the tree and any other ongoing care that it requires. We are happy to work with you if you need any lessons on proper tree care. When the tree begins to fruit, you agree to make it available to anyone who wants to enjoy some. When the tree begins to fruit, Cooperation Humboldt will add signage to let folks know that they are welcome to partake of the fruit.
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