CSPS Youth Policy Survey
Dear all,
Your Voice Matters!

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in collaboration with Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies would like for you to participate in our survey as a basis for a "Review and update of Brunei Darussalam Youth Policy and Formulation of Strategic Planning Framework".

In order for us to shape the next National Youth Policy, we welcome feedback from those are keen to contribute to our review on youth development in Brunei.

There are 2 sections. Please answer all in Section A and Section B is optional only. Please be assured that your identity cannot be identified in any way and your responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Section A: Questionnaire on Youth Policy
There are many areas which the national youth policy should focus on. Some are more important than others as this depends on the country itself and our actual circumstances. For e.g. You may feel that “hunger and poverty” is not really a key area to concentrate on for Brunei youth as we don’t really have such problems compared to other poorer countries.

Referring to the 14 areas below, take some time to think about the more important areas that are required most by young people in Brunei. Choose 8 areas which you feel are high priority, most important areas that Brunei need to focus on in its own youth policy. Although other areas might also be important, they may not be a priority.
Dalam dasar belia kebangsaan, terdapat pelbagai bidang yang perlu diberi perhatian. Ada yang lebih penting daripada yang lain, bergantung kepada objektif dan keadaan negara. Sebagai contoh, awda mungkin merasa “Kebuluran dan Kemiskinan” bukan bidang yang perlu diberi perhatian memandangkan ianya bukan isu yang besar di Negara Brunei jika dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain yang lebih miskin.

Merujuk kepada 14 bidang strategik di bawah, sila ambil sedikit masa untuk berfikir mengenai bidang yang lebih penting dan diperlukan oleh belia di Negara ini. Sila pilih 8 bidang strategik yang awda rasa perlu diberi perhatian dalam dasar belia Negara Brunei Darussalam. Walaupun terdapat banyak bidang strategik yang penting, sebilangan mungkin tidak perlu diutamakan buat masa ini.

Pick 8 Strategic Areas only *
Which of the following youth policy objectives are more important to you? Please tick one only for each area:
Di antara objektif dasar belia di bawah, yang manakah paling penting bagi awda? Sila tanda satu sahaja bagi setiap bahagian:
a) Education 1 *
b) Education 2 *
c) Employment *
d) Hunger & poverty *
e) Health *
f) Environment *
g) Drugs and delinquency *
h) Leisure activities *
i) Young women and girls *
j) Full and effective participation *
k) Globalisation *
l) ICT *
n) Intergenerational relations *
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