What does your subject have to say about climate change?
The Oxford Climate Society and Ruskin’s Art and Ecology Society are offering a joint project designed to explore the potentialities/importance of interdisciplinary work with regard to facing climate change.

We are looking for 12 students from diverse degrees but with an active interest in how their subject of study can connect with/explore issues of climate change. If chosen, you will be paired with one of 12 international artists from diverse practices and backgrounds.

Over a series of led workshops, these pairs will explore how their individual research areas can tackle and address the global implications of ecological crisis, and how they can collaborate to create a work to express these potentials. The artworks resultant from these collaborations will then be shown in a public art gallery exhibition in Oxford (all costs covered), and featured in the Climate Society Zine. The winning artwork will be featured on the cover.

Note: We do not require any artistic skill or pre-existing creative practice to apply! What is more important is an interest in interdisciplinary research, interest in how your research ties in to the environmental threats and challenges we are faced with today, and a desire to explore your work and its impact creatively through visual media. Everything else, including instruction, tech, materials, documentation and help in the creation process will be provided.

The show will take place at the end of Week 7 of Hilary term.

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