Helping historic & natural heritage
Thank you for your interest in completing this questionnaire, but I'm afraid that it is now closed. However, we do appreciate your thoughts and experiences with bats in churches issues.

We are particularly keen to know how best to support and train the volunteers that work with bat related issues (including people coming from either a church or wildlife background),
1. What support do you think people need, in order to work with churches on bat related issues (this could be work with cleaning, surveys, repair work, planning, and engagement events, or anything else you can think of)?
2. What voluntary roles would you like to see to help with bats in churches related issues?
3. What skills and training do you think people working with bats in churches issues have, or would like to have?
4. What do you think works well or not so well in dealing with bats in churches related issues, are there any problems or successes that you have had?
5. And do you have any thoughts on the HLF Bats in Churches project itself?

If you have any thoughts on the above, please contact:

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