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Member of the Sura Academy
Your Consultant & Spiritual Healer
For over a decade I have assisted clients with healing and spiritual guidance. I can “see” and work with your energies in this life, or other lifetimes. Or in other dimensions of your consciousness.
My offers for You:
A human being is an extremely complicated and sophisticated creature. We are all of the same basic origin, but we are very diverse in our individual expressions, hence also in our needs in terms of healing and spiritual guidance. This said, a healing session normally follows a certain structure.

Firstly, you describe why you have contacted me. This conscious reason for contact might be just about anything that is on your mind such as relationship, work, health, family, future, past etc.
Secondly, I focus on your issue in order to “see” what is the underlying reason. This process might be instant or take some time, depending on the complexity of your problem. Sometimes I find reasons you were completely unaware of.
When the deeper reasons creating a problem are known, I start working with those reasons on a spiritual/energetic level. This part of the work is completely individual, depending on what your needs are, some examples are:
Healing of all kinds; physical, astral (emotional) or spiritual (mental). The healing might be directed towards you, someone close to you or even spirits, animals or physical places such as your house.
Communication with all kinds of spirits and creatures. This might be your guides or your higher self that wants to “talk” with you, or some other being that you need to become aware of. The diversity of creatures is almost unlimited.
Connecting you with a past life. The reason might be that you should heal old wounds, become aware of hidden abilities or just deepen your awareness of who you really are.

In reality, all of us create our own lives based on our level of awareness and mental/emotional maturity. You are responsible yourself, but you are not alone. My role is to give advice and assistance on your path in life.

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