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DEADLINE: February 28th

Thank you for your interest in the Emerging Caribbean Scientists Programs. For more information, answers to additional questions, or help with the application process, please visit our website at Contact us by email at

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+ Personal Statement
Essay (5 paragraphs or more) that describes your background, experiences, achievements, research interests, goals and reasons for applying to this program. For tips on preparing the personal statement go to the following link.

+ List of applications to off-island summer programs
To search for other summer programs go to the following link: or Google search NSF REU or go to

+ References: Names of two professors for Letters of Recommendation

+ Name, date, time of ECS Interview
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Include the names of two professors who will be submitting letters of recommendations on your behalf. Instruct them to send letters by email to by February 28th.
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Applicants must contact one of the following ECS Steering Committee Members to schedule an interview appointment:
Dr. Alice Stanford (STT,
Dr. Robert Stolz (STT, 693-1231,
Dr. Lavida Rogers (STT,
Dr. Marc Boumedine (STT, 693-1255,
Dr. Aletha Baumann (STX, 692-4178,
Dr. David Morris (STT, 693-1391,
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Please enter the name of your interviewer and the time and date of your meeting appointment (if known).
Application to summer research programs
Application to at least one external summer research programs is a requirement. These programs provide a rich research experience and give students the opportunity to spend the summer off-island working productively. Please list the other summer research programs to which you have applied and include the name, location, dates, and website.

If you need help finding an extramural summer research program, we recommend our "How to find summer programs" workshop in December (time and place to be announced). You can also search the Classifieds on this link: Feel free to contact us at if you need further assistance.
List the programs you applied to in the space below. *
Personal Statement
Write an essay (5 paragraphs or more) that describes your background, experiences, achievements, research interests, and goals. A personal statement should clearly describe how your personal experiences have influenced your intellectual development and professional goals. Describe how you will contribute to increasing diversity in science and include reasons for applying to this program.

For more information, go to:
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Please read the following statement carefully.
TRANSCRIPT - By submitting this application, you agree to give permission to the ECS Selection Committee to review your academic transcript.

In addition, please be aware that if selected for a summer program you will be required to be available to participate full-time the entire duration of the program. You should have no external commitments or other jobs during this time. Furthermore, you certify that the information provided on this form is up to date and accurate.
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