Bhaiyo Volunteer Application
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Bhaiyo Volunteer Application
Mission Statement
Our mission is to work with Sahiyo and other survivors to raise awareness of  female genital cutting in Asian communities and support efforts to end the  practice and create social norm shift. We aim to create a space where male allies can collaborate to spark dialogue and spread knowledge about this form of gender-based violence.

Aims and Objectives

To provide love, support, and community towards the advocates and survivors working to end FGM/C.
To generate resources to support our international allies and do outreach through:
Community outreach education events
Online webinar and town hall
Role-played conversation and produced sketches/shorts
International partnerships programs such as  Exchange/mission trips to capture groundwork and outreach happening abroad.
To engage communities at the grassroot level to address and build awareness of the cultural, economic, and emotional consequences of FGM/C.

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