Application form for Adjoint School, ACT 2018
This is the application form for the Adjoint School of the Workshop on Applied Category Theory, 2018. Before applying, please read the information sheet here:

Applications are due November 1st, 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brendan Fong (bfo at mit dot edu) or Nina Otter (otter at maths dot ox dot ac dot uk). Applications may also be submitted over email to these addresses.

Your name
Please upload a single PDF file containing the following information: (1) Your contact information and educational history. (2) A brief paragraph explaining your interest in this course. (3) A paragraph or two describing one of your favorite topics in category theory, or your application field. (4) A ranked list of the papers you would most like to present, together with an explanation of your preferences. You may append your CV if you wish.
Reference details
Please provide the name, affiliation and contact information of a reference.
Additional Comments
Please feel free to add any comments to the organisers here.
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