Beautiful Nightmare ARC for Review Request
L. C. Son is seeking five people who are interested in receiving an ARC of Beautiful Nightmare (Book 1) in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads (other platforms appreciated like, BookBub, Barnes & Noble, Romance IO, etc.)
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Beautiful Nightmare (Book One) by L. C. Son
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Beautiful Nightmare (Book 1) is approximately 582 pages (paperback) and just over 200K words. If you are interested in providing a thoughtful review, please understand the author is seeking reviews within one-month but not later than July 27, 2019. This date will coincide with marketing events, therefore, prompt reviews are necessary to inform potential readers. Can you commit to reading the book and providing a review by this time? *
If you are provided an ARC of Beautiful Nightmare you certify that no compensation has been given in exchange for a review. You also certify and understand this book is subject to and protected by United States Copyright laws and is the sole property of L. C. Son and that you will not use the material provided for any means other than those described above. *
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