2019 RHCBC Candy Carnival - Helpers Sign Up
Helpers Sign Up
This form is for helpers only, registration is NOT required for guests and participants of the Candy Carnival. Information on this event can be found here:
***Insert RHCBC Webpage here, if there is one***

Please put down your name, mobile phone number and email and other info so that we may secure your commitment to help with this event, either during the setup and/or actual event.

Please see below for the times and details, we need an estimate on the number of helpers so that we can prepare for lunch and/or dinner.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to wear costumes, the theme this year is "????”, or if you have the purple T-shirt from previous RHCBC events, please wear it on the day of the event.

Parking for helpers at RHMS is available after 6pm

Thank you all for your faithful service.

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Fri. Oct 25 – 8:00pm – Setup, Preping Games *
ESC Fellowships Time
Sun. Oct 27 – 1:00pm - 5:00 pm – Setup, Preping Games *
Lunch provided - Most likely Pizza lunch. After CSC service, ESC Sunday School.
Thur Oct 31 - 4:30pm - 9:30pm - Event Night *
Actual Event starts at 6:30pm, runs to 8:30pm, Please come as soon as possible. Dinner to start at 5:30pm. Clean up until 9:30pm? Please park your car at the school next door (RHMS), access via Weldrick Rd on the event day in order to provide parking spaces for our guests.
Please select one of the following statements that best describe you: *
If you don't belong in any of the categories, please write down the name of the person who invited you to be a helper at this event and/or the name of your church.
Any other info that you would like us to know, Re-submitting the form to update new information...
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