Costco & United Way UK - Give Local 2020 Grant Application
Who is United Way?

United Way UK envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives. We are committed to creating lasting change with measurable improvements for people in need in the UK’s local communities.

Every community has its own needs and aspirations, and its own resources and expertise. United Way works to bring these together, working in partnership with businesses and other charitable organisations to achieve positive change in local communities across the UK.

Give Local Grants: We will be distributing 30 small grants of £1,500

United Way UK will support organisations that provide programmes and services that align with our strategic priorities. These priorities are long-term solutions addressing one of the following needs:
● Education – including but not limited to early childhood development, school readiness and success, out of school learning opportunities, soft skills development
● Income stability – including but not limited to job training, access to employment, support to obtain employment, advancing financial literacy
● Health – including but not limited to mental health support, hunger prevention, access to housing

The purpose of these grants––which should be considered when applying––is to:
● Create a picture of needs local to the geographic areas given
● Create a picture as to what solutions best address these needs
● Identify opportunities to scale existing initiatives through potential longer term funding and partnership
● Demonstrate the impact donors can have on causes local to their own homes/places of work
● Support the most disadvantaged or otherwise socially excluded

In offering these Give Local grants, United Way UK seeks organisations that have the potential to be long-term partners in our work.

Applicants must meet programmatic eligibility requirements outlined in this request for proposals.

Eligibility: who can apply?
● Individuals will not be considered for funding, and all applications should be made on behalf of an organisation.
● Organisations may apply for funds for core costs, to start a new programme, or for the expansion of an existing programme.
● Organisations with a charitable purpose, but who are not registered charities will be considered, but may be subject to additional checks.
● Only organisations with an average annual income of £300,000 or less are eligible.
● Beneficiaries of the work must be positively impacted in one of these geographic areas. 1 grant will be given per location unless otherwise stated:

England: Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Chingford, Coventry, Croydon, Derby, Farnborough, Gateshead, Haydock, Hayes, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Oldham, Reading, Sheffield, Stevenage, Southampton, Sunbury, Thurrock, Watford, Wembley

Scotland: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Wales: Cardiff

Applications will close on 23rd November, 2020.

Funds are expected to be transferred by the end of Dec 2020. All funds should be used by the end of March 2021.

With thanks to Costco:
These grants have been made possible thanks to the generosity of Costco warehouse employees. The geographic restrictions relate to the locations in which employees have been fundraising and donating. This is in association with United Way’s ‘Give Local’ campaign, encouraging people to give directly to support causes within their local community.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Any organisation in receipt of funding must agree to provide information and feedback on how the funding has impacted their project/programme and overall outcomes. This will include completing a brief reporting survey, alongside sending a case study and photo, due March 2021 - exact date TBC. This will be for United Way UK to use publicly, while always mentioning the source.

This funding is not for:
Start-up costs for new organisations; Medical research; Individuals; Cultural festivals (including Christmas related activities); The advancement of religion; Animal welfare; Other grant making bodies; NHS Trusts; Loans or business finance; Universities; Sponsorship/marketing appeals/fundraising costs; Overseas projects/travel; Safety equipment for individual households; National or international charities; CCTV installation; Awareness campaigns without significant practical engagement
Organisational Details
Organisation Name: *
Registered charity number or Inland Revenue Reference Number:
If applicable
Twitter Handle:
Mailing Address:
Main Contact Name: *
Main Contact Job Title: *
Main Contact Phone Number: *
Main Contact E-mail: *
How did you learn about this funding opportunity? *
If through a Costco employee, please include their name and warehouse location.
What location does your organisation work in? *
What category does your work most closely align with?
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What other areas does your organisation align with?
Which of the following best describes your beneficiaries? *
Please select all that apply.
What was your organisation's total income in 2018/2019? *
Please note: In order to qualify this must be less than £300,000
Please briefly describe the organisation's goals and mission: *
How has the organisations work and beneficiaries been impacted by COVID-19? *
What are the organisation's current or main activities/programming? *
Grant Application
Name of Project:
If different to charity name.
Brief summary as to what the grant is needed for: *
Brief financial breakdown of the grants use: *
Specifically, how will the grant be spent?
Approximately how many people do you expect to directly serve with this grant? *
Which group(s) will this grant primary support? *
What additional impact would the grant have on your organisation, the beneficiaries of your work and the local community? *
Specifically, how many people will be directly impacted through this grant? e.g. £1,500 will allow us to help X more people
Does your organisation currently use volunteers? *
Would your organisation be interested in volunteers? *
If yes, please explain how you would engage these volunteers:
IE group volunteer opportunities. Please note: This is not a requirement of the grant.
Bank Details
Please provide bank details for your organisation so, if successful, the grant can be transferred promptly.
Name of bank account: *
Bank name and address: *
Sort Code *
Account Number *
Before signing the declaration, please ensure you have completed all the sections in this application form, and completed all the actions requested on the list below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Link to the constitution/set of rules of your organisation: *
You can also email this document to
Link to your organisation's Safeguarding Policy: *
If your organisation works with children, young people or vulnerable adults. You can also email this document to
Link to your organisation's Equal Opportunities Policy: *
If your organisation works with children, young people or vulnerable adults. You can also email this document to
Link to your organisation's Code of Ethics: *
If your organisation works with children, young people or vulnerable adults. You can also email this document to
Link to your organisation’s accounts for the 2019 fiscal year *
You can also email this document to
If you would like to add a case study to support your application please send one to
Please note that by sending a case study by email, you agree to United Way UK sharing it publicly if you are awarded a Give Local grant.
Clear selection
Name: *
Position in the organisation: *
Date signed: *
I agree that any personal information contained within this application will be stored by the United Way UK in accordance with their privacy policy. Applicant data will be kept for up to 6 months past the closing of applications. *
By answering this question you are in effect signing the grant application and confirming it's accuracy.
Please send any questions or additional documentation to no later than November 23rd, 2020.
All funding decisions are final and at the discretion of the United Way Board of Trustees. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified but will not receive feedback due to the volume of applications received.
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