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Please provide as much detail as possible. Answers will appear in a column called Q & A, as well as receiving a direct reply.  Do to the volume of questions we get, we can not reply to all.  If you need immediate help, we recommend you try posting on one of the many online forums dedicated to the hobby.
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Aquarium Size
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Water Chemistry
Please provide details on the water chemistry as it will be used to provide an informed response.
Ammonia Level
Nitrite Level
Nitrate Level
pH Level
Carbonate Hardness (dKH or ppm) Level (Alkalinity)
Alkalinity of the water in fresh, salt, and brackish systems can effect fish helth.
General Hardness (dGH or ppm) Level
GH of  freshwater can effect fish health.
Saltwater or Brackish water tank,
Please provide as much detail as possible about the question.  
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