2019 Fall Convergence Planning Retreat at DAcres
Please join us for the 2019 Northeast Permaculture Convergence Planning Retreat! October 4-6, 2019 @ D Acres Permaculture Farm and Education Center. We are planning to do some convergence planning, some hands on work, and also have some fun - including a contra dance. There will also be an opportunity to network with other permaculture practitioners, educators, and designers in our region. Arrival is 2-5 pm on Friday, 10/4, with departure at 9 am on Sunday, 10/6. You may view the preliminary retreat agenda here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YsBSJJn_OtUpsZXejzkadPnCw6Oz1PHOo0aS9ktbUdk/edit?usp=sharing.

Due to space and resource limitations, this event is capped at 30 PAN members, so please complete this application in full to be considered for attendance. (We will check your membership status and let you know if it's time for you to renew.) This requirement is in no way meant to be a barrier to attendance. Planning an event like a regional gathering takes hard work, many hands, and trust. While PAN is serving as an "organizing anchor", being a member shows that you are invested in the regional permaculture community and committed to engaging in a mutually reciprocal relationship with PAN. We hope to engage many others (both PAN members and others in wider circles) throughout the planning process after the fall gathering.

We will begin reviewing applications approximately May 15, 2019 and will accept folks on a rolling basis until we are at capacity or September 5, 2019, whichever comes first. In short, if you're serious about helping us plan the 2020 Convergence scheduled for July 24-26, 2020 at D Acres, we hope you will come and help us get the planning started! We will be prioritizing selecting folks who have interest and experience in organizing, following through on projects, and/or have studied permaculture.

Why should you consider attending?:

- You would LOVE to be involved in planning the 2020 Convergence and have some time to help us make it rock!
- You've been wanting to network and meet more regional permies.
- You'd like to be more involved as a member of Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN).
- You've always wanted to visit D Acres.
- You are ready for an opportunity to get involved in key permaculture and environmental work in the region, etc.
- You're looking for some hands-on experience through our optional hands on project work at D Acres.
- You've been considering becoming a PAN Board member and want to meet us before you apply.
- You know we have a lot of fun when we get together!

COSTS: We want this event to be as accessible to as many members as possible and know that D Acres shares this goal. As permaculture designers, we know that we also have to create a regenerative design for this event, which means covering costs for our host site and PAN's expenses. If participation in the gathering creates a financial hardship for you, we strongly recommend reaching out to your network to crowd source the cost of attending. Your network understands the importance of your work and we have worked to make the cost as accessible as possible. If you're still stuck, please contact our Board Treasurer, Patty Love, at patty@barefootpermaculture.com for some fundraising ideas. Also note that we are requiring membership for this event and have built the 10% membership discount into the event fee. (We hope it makes sense that we cannot offer a discount on room and meals for D Acres.)

Fees are as follows:

Part 1. $25 non-refundable application/event fee. If you are not selected to attend, your $25 will be promptly refunded via PayPal. Why are we charging this? Two reasons really. We will have some additional staff time expenses to handle organizing this event and run a pretty tight ship budget wise. Also, we find that free events come with a lot of no-shows. Since space is limited, we need to make sure that everyone who is selected is committed and shows up. If the $25 event fee is a hardship, please include a note in the comment section.

We want all NE Permie voices to be represented at this event and at the convergence so, if you have indicated that the cost of the registration fee is a hardship, PAN is willing to waive the fee, with priority given to POC/LGBTQ+ Permies to ensure we are as representative of the diversity that exists in our region and wider community.

Part 2. We estimate your expenses at the following amounts, depending on the choices you make for meals and housing. You can visit the D Acres website (www.dacres.org) for details on accommodations and cost. We recommend you hold off on reserving your housing until your application has been accepted.
Housing: $10/night+ depending on your choice for housing
Meals: $69 - 76 (2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners)
Contra dance: $5-10 suggested donation
You will need to pay D Acres directly for housing, meals, and any other charges (e.g. internet). We'll send you instructions for that with an acceptance letter.

CHILD CARE: Child care is not available/provided. Babies in arms are welcome to attend with parent(s).

DIETARY PREFERENCES: Meals are offered buffet-style, with options to accommodate all dietary preferences. Please be sure to indicate your needs in the spaces below.

REGISTRATION and SELF-SELECTION CRITERIA: We have space to host up to 30 people, including the board. If you would like to invite others, please feel free to send them the retreat info & link to this form. In order to make the most strategic use of limited resources and space available, we are seeking participants who:

(1) Identify as a Permaculture practitioner, educator, or community organizer and
(2) are dedicating at least 25 hrs a week to Permaculture-related programs and projects and
(3) are particularly interested in community-building with others from around the region and capacity-building within the Permaculture network at the regional scale
(4) can participate the entire weekend
(5) are really earnest if they're a newbie

Questions? Contact Aaron, PAN's Board Coordinator, at admin@northeastpermaculture.org
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