Questions about gluten-free bakery products
Do you bake for yourself at home, or do you buy gluten-free bakery products in shops? *
If you bake at home, do you select the ingredients yourself, or do you buy ready-made baking-mixes? *
Which gluten-free flours and baking-mixes do you know? *
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Do you think that the oat flour is gluten-free? *
What kind of aspects (price, content, producer, other) do you take into consideration when you choose flours and baking-mixes? *
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Is it easy to find appropriate gluten-free FLOURS in the shops? *
Is it easy to find appropriate BAKING-MIXES in the shops? *
How much do you pay usually for 1 kg gluten-free flour? *
How much would you pay for 1 kg gluten-free baking-mixes that meet the needs of special diets (low-carbohydrate, high protein etc.) and contain valuable nutrients? *
If you do not bake at home, how much do you pay usually for half kg gluten-free bread? *
Maximum how much would you pay for half kg gluten-free breads that meet the demands of special diets and contain valuable nutrients? *
Do you have any further idea or information you would like to share with us about the topic of the survey?
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