Twitter Campaign
To receive a reward in this campaign, you must have your own Twitter account and to be subscribed to the project on Twitter. You can use only one Twitter account to get a reward.

Aworker’s official account:

Requirements to the participants:
• You must have not less than 200 subscribers.
• You must mark at least 5 tweets made by Aworker as your favorites.
• You must make at least 5 tweets or retweets using hashtag #aworkerio per week.
• The audit of your Twitter account must result in a score of at least 85% of real followers, with a majority of them being people actively interested in cryptocurrencies (Twitter Audit:
• Don't post everything in 1 day, you are supposed to make the tweets/retweets constructive and not simply spam.


200-299 followers – 15 WORK
300-999 followers – 30 WORK
1,000-9,999 followers – 60 WORK
10,000+ followers – 150 WORK

1 WORK = 0.000416 ETH.

The number of your followers is fixed when you connect to your account and does not change during the campaign. The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week. Every participant must prepare a report summing up his/her reposts made during a week until Monday of the next week in our thread. In order to receive the bounty, each person must participate until the end of the ICO. You can participate in this campaign not less than 3 days before the end of the ICO campaign.

Example of the Twitter campaign report text:
Facebook url: [URL of your Twitter account]
Friends/Followers: [number of your Twitter friends] / [number of your Twitter followers]

Link 1 to your tweet about Aworker
Link 2 to your tweet about Aworker

Link 1 to your retweet of the Aworker post
Link 1 to your retweet of the Aworker post

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