EZB - Authorization Form

    Terms of Service

    1. ERRORS. EZBizSites (collectively, "EZBiz") takes every care but accepts no responsibility for spelling mistakes or other errors when the artwork proof has been signed off. 2. CORRECTIONS. Artwork costs include two revisions only, so please check all artwork thoroughly. Any additional corrections or design changes will incur a design fee of $100.00 per hour, at no less than $200 total per revision. 3. COLOR. Due to the nature of monitors, screen colors are NOT an indication of the final viewed product. If Pantone colors or CMYK values have been specified, then these colors will be as close as possible to the final viewed product. EZBiz takes no responsibility for color variations in the final viewed or printed product when Pantone or CMYK values have been specified, used and approved in the design. 4. THIRD PARTY PRINT PRODUCTION. EZBiz takes no responsibility for the final output, supply or completion time for the goods or services provided by a supplier arranged by yourself; the client. On approval of this final proof, EZBiz is not liable and will take no responsibility for the goods or services provided to the client and/or print servicer. This includes the use of various print methods used (specifically color variations used for full color/digital output) by a third party to output the goods, EZBiz is in no circumstance liable to any loss or expense resulting in an undesired outcome. 5. TRANSACTION IS FINAL. I understand I have 3 complete days from the purchase date to receive a full and prompt refund of the entire purchase amount if I request. Websites and other digital marketing services are non-­refundable outside of 3 days as resources are committed well in advance of completion of any project. I understand that by purchasing services from EZBiz I am purchasing business-related services. Any such purchase carries an implied risk, and I willingly accept that risk.

    Acceptance of Terms

    I/We, Signer of the "Digital Signature" as indicated below ("Signer"), have comprehensively read the above Terms of Service. I/We agree that all images, content, logos & trademarks submitted for use with the service will be authorized for use by Signer. By entering in the date and full name below, I/we agree to the entirety of this statement and the terms and conditions of this document and give authorization to process payment on any products or services purchased. ***Note - only sign and date below if you are purchasing products or services.
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