Thank you for participating in our WASC survey, your thoughtful responses will be incorporated into our next WASC study. For those of you not familiar with the process of accreditation, our school is certified by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or WASC for short. WASC is an association that ensures that schools meet various standards in all aspects of running a school. Some of you may remember our last WASC visit. As part of our commitment to this ongoing process we are inviting our school community to participate in this survey. It will take about 10 minutes, and all of the responses will remain confidential. Thank you for taking the time to answer this carefully and honestly. Your comments are important to us.

Scott Ferguson

Do you believe your student was well prepared for high school? *
Why did you choose to send your student to Coast Union High School? *
What do you like best about Coast Union?
How would you rate your students education in the following subjects? *
English / language Arts
Social Studies
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Physical Education
Did your student choose to commit to a Pathway? *
Do you think the academic demands of the school on your student are: *
Do you think the extracurricular demands (sports/clubs) on your student are: *
Not Demanding
Too Demanding
My student is receiving a solid well-rounded education in the following ways: *
Not Important To Me
Providing a safe environment to learn
Having teachers that care about students in the classroom
Having teachers that care about their students outside the classroom
Providing students the opportunity to participate in Clubs
Providing students the opportunity to participate in sports
Assisting students with work outside the classroom
Engaging students in challenging curriculum
Offering career and college counseling support
Do you feel that you or your student has an active role in the appearance of the campus? *
Have you talked to your student about their 4-year plan? *
What would you like to see improved at Coast Union?
Do you think the homework demands of the school on your student are: *
How do you hear about Coast Union events, announcements and opportunities? *
Do you feel that the teachers and staff are easily accessible? *
Should the occasion arise, would you feel comfortable discussing a problem with the Principal or a faculty member? *
In our school do teachers provide frequent feedback to students and parents concerning academic progress? *
Do you feel that the morale of students in our school is positive? *
Do most of the parents and teachers in our school respect each other and have good working relationships? *
Do you feel like the school facilities are well kept? *
Do you have any general comments or suggestions about how the school can improve student learning focused on high achievement of all students?
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