Allieds' Project Debt Protection(DPI) Platform Accreditation Form
Allied offers an accreditation programme within their Debt Protection Platform, that pre-qualifies and recognises your project as being suitable for Debt Protection Insurance (DPI), which enables you to provide financial guarantees to investors for your project. WE ARE UNABLE TO CARRY OUT ANY ACCREDITATION ON YOUR PROJECT WHERE YOUR CHOSEN TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT HAVE AN OPERATIONAL REFERENCE PLANT THAT IS OWNED OR IN CONTROL OF THE TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER.
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Are you the project developer or their agent? *
If an agent then we will need to see a mandate or instructions appointing you to act and answer further questions at a later stage and assume that you have full authority to complete this form.
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Please provide brief details of Project *
Please provide a brief background to your Project. History, Where sited, Technology to be deployed and status on planning, permitting.
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Status of the Project *
If the funding term sheet question is ticked, please explain the requirements. *
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About your chosen technology *
Please tick every answer as appropriate
Does your chosen technology provider have a proven track record of continious operational hours
Is the reference plant still operational and can be avaialble for a site visit
Do your project cashflows reflect these operational hours
Have you carried out an independent feasibility study on the technology
Is the feedstock similar to your projects feedstock
If not, have you tested your feedstock through the reference plant
Does the reference plant need to be scaled up / down to match your projects requirement.
Continual Operational Hours of the Reference Plant *
Please advise how long the plant has been operational, and the total continuous hours.
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If your cashflow does not reflect the manufactures operational hours, please advise the number of hours used and why. Answer NA if not applicable.
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Additional Answer Required *
If Scale up or down is required , please advise on percentage. Answer NA if not applicable.
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Additional Answer Required *
If you have not tested your feedstock through the manufactures plant, please advise on the volume and duration of the test and by whom. Answer NA if not applicable.
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About your project *
Please tick every question as appropriate
Awaiting information
Do you have a site
Is the site permitted for this project
Do you have a business plan
Have you carried out an independant feasibility study on the project
Has an EPC contractor been engaged
Has an Operations and Management Contractor been engaged
Is the EPC and O&M cost in your business plan and cashflows
Do you consider that you are you ready to be commercialised into a project
Do you have a power purchase agreement (or a contract to purchase your end product)
Any further comments
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