Inspired Decor Sponsor
Each Inspired Lunch comes together through the support of several sponsors.

To open the sponsorship opportunity up to as many working women as possible, we will limit sponsorship's to once every 4 months.

DECOR SPONSOR – This Inspired Women decorates the 16 tables for the luncheon with centerpieces. They also set up, and clean up all decor.

Sponsor provides centerpieces for 16 tables. Inspired provides the dark brown tablecloths.
Decor can be simple or elegant, and may be edible as in bowl of cherries or chocolates.
Decor may showcase the sponsor's product or business.
Decor sponsor may have brochures/business cards on tables.
There is no need to provide silverware, napkins or plates. The centerpiece is the only decor item needed to provide.

Arrive by between 10:15AM and 10:30 AM day of event. 16 tables will be in place. Tablecloths will need to be put on tables along with centerpieces.

Carts are available to transport centerpieces from vehicle to table.

Have tables decorated by 11:15 AM. After event, clean up all decor items, return tablecloths to bins and remove all items brought (business cards, handouts etc.).

Pre Event Marketing:

Prior to event the sponsor will be showcased on social media and website marketing.

At Event Marketing:

At event the Sponsor will have 60 seconds on the mic to introduce themselves and share a commercial about their business.

(Sponsor is encouraged to REHEARSE their COMMERCIAL - due to limited time at event, commercials extending longer than 75 seconds will be cut off. Take this opportunity to craft an effective elevator pitch for you and your company.)

Signage, Business Cards and Handouts:
Sponsor is welcome to showcase their business on the tables in an elegant manner along with business cards. Handouts may be offered BUT Inspired encourages that handouts are relevant and any remaining handouts are the responsibility of the sponsor to collect and take back with them.

Sponsor completes the following application and includes their contact information, business name, logo, introduction for bio and head-shot.

Direct questions to the Hostess of the Monthly Lunch you have been asked to sponsor or email


Inspired Women Inc reserves the right to approve, deny or delay sponsorship of an event for any reason.

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