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Thank you very much for your interest in signing up as a Mentee as part of the COACH Mentoring Programme. We really appreciate the time and energy you dedicate to filling in this form and taking part in the Programme.

To enable us to match you with a Mentor whose professional interests align closely with yours, please help us by filling in this form as much detail as possible. Please note that this time we only open applications for Third- and Fourth-year undergraduate students, as well as students completing their Masters degree who are enrolled at either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. Students signing up need to have a connection to Hungary and in case of high demand, we prioritise applicants who are registered Members of our Partner Organisations, the Cambridge University Hungarian Society or the Oxford Hungarian Society.

The application deadline is 26 February 2020. We would like to connect Mentors/Mentees by early March 2020.

You can find our Data Protection Statement at The details that you provide here will be read by the COACH Organising Committee to match you with a Mentor and please note that by filling in this form, you give consent that your details will be shared with the Mentor we match you with. If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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The COACH Organising Committee
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If you attended any other univerities and you wish to provide us with details (e.g. dates attended, subjects studied), please do so here.
If you have any previous employment history (including traineeships and placements), please provide us with details here (employer name, job, title, responsibilities, dates worked).
If you have a LinkedIn profile/personal website, you may wish to share it with us.
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Please give details of your future career plans. This may include plans about further study, obtaining specific skills, completing internships or placements in a specific area/ at a specific organisation, finding a job in a certain field/city or embarking on a career in a certain industry. Even if you are unsure about your plans, please provide us with as much detail as possible so that we can match you with a Mentor who can help you the most. *
Please briefly describe why you would like to take part in the COACH Mentoring Programme. *
Please share with us if you have any specific expectations or requests with regards to the COACH Mentoring Programme. If you would like to share any additional thoughts with us which you think might help us match you with a Mentor more effectively, please give details here.
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