Petition against court action to Dr. Riko Muranaka by anti-vaccine doctor
Dear Tokyo District Court,
Dear The Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare
Dear Shinshu University

Dr. Shuichi Ikeda (Appointed Professor of Center for Intractable Diseases at Shinshu University Hospital) is suing Dr. Riko Muranaka for libel regarding her articles on the monthly magazine “Wedge” and its web magazine “Wedge Infinity” at Tokyo District Court.

Dr. Riko Muranaka’s articles have pointed out the scientific issues of the mouse experiment regarding the HPV vaccine that was presented by Dr. Shuichi Ikeda at the meeting of the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare of Japan on Mar 16, 2016, and on TBS news programme “NEWS 23” broadcast on the same day. If he has any argument, he must pursue this in a scientific forum, not in court. It is quite inappropriate for Ikeda, a doctor and scientist, to take scientific issues to court.

The MHLW issued a statement on 24 Nov 2016 that said Dr. Ikeda’s presentation disseminated misunderstandings of the HPV vaccines to Japanese society, and asked Dr. Ikeda to correct his presentation, show the reproducibility of these results and publicize it with a thorough reflection on his conduct. However, Dr. Ikeda has not corrected his presentation nor publicized any data to date.
Regardless of the statement, in 2017 the MHLW allowed Dr. Ikeda’s group to continue their study with only a slight reduction in grant support, and with the same protocol and the same principal investigator for another three years. It is not acceptable to continue a study that Dr. Ikeda, who takes scientific issues to the court, serves as principal investigator on, using taxpayers’ money.

1. We ask Dr. Ikeda to make the raw data of the mouse experiment openly available, and correct his presentation and publicize this.
2. We ask Dr. Ikeda to withdraw the libel lawsuit against Dr. Riko Muranaka.
3. We ask the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to take appropriate action regarding Dr. Ikeda's study group (i.e. to dismiss Dr. Ikeda's group or change the principal investigator).

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