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Indie iOS Focus Weekly has been going strong for over three years, but I've never had a formal user survey. I want to take the results and make sure I'm giving you the best newsletter I can. Thanks for answering my questions.

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I will be giving out $25 Amazon gift cards to two lucky participants at random. I will only have the survey open for a limited time, so be sure to get in your feedback soon.
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I am considering changing the release day of the newsletter. What day do you have the most time to read Indie iOS Focus Weekly? *
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What are your top three favorite categories? *
What are your biggest challenges as an app developer? You can check more than one. I know I would! *
How likely are you to spend money on...
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Online learning - coding/dev
App install ads (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)
Analytic services (App Annie, Appfigures, etc.)
Joining an app mastermind group
Somebody to manage a marketing campaign
iOS books (ebooks & printed)
Going to an iOS or mobile app conference
Github & other tools
Productivity apps
Devices, Macs, hardware, etc
Do you develop for Android? *
Indie iOS Focus Weekly has generally been text only. What do you think about more of the following? (Within reason, of course. This isn't Pinterest.) *
Code samples
Which best describe your primary income source? You can pick two if you want. No need to answer if this is too personal. :)
Any other feedback? I'm sure I forgot something that's important to you!
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Can I contact you to get more feedback based on your answers here? *
You are awesome. I'll announce the winners for the two Amazon gift cards in an upcoming issue. I will probably promote the survey for a couple weeks to try to catch everyone.
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