Tracking The Harvest (Have only ONE leader fill out this form EVERY time a group goes into the harvest field)
This form allows us to keep track of gospel penetration in Berkeley/Jefferson County. Every time you, or a group, go out into the harvest field, have ONE person fill out this form with a summary for the whole group.

Our goal is to see the gospel penetrate our area so that disciples and churches can be multiplied. Thanks for joining us in pursuing #NoPlaceLeft without the gospel in our area and to the ends of the earth.

Special Note: Track ongoing relationships personally and/or with your mentor/discipler using the paper tracking form.
Your Name
How many people went into the harvest today?
This includes you and whoever else joined you prayer-walking/gospeling
How many people went into the harvest today FOR THE FIRST TIME?
How many times did the group share the gospel?
How many red lights?
How many yellow lights?
How many green lights?
How many orange lights? (Existing Believers)
How many people were issued "The Call"?
How many people mapped their "Oikos"?
How many "Commands of Christ" were shared using the 3/3rds?
How many "Stories of Hope" were shared using the 3/3rds?
Notes & Comments
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