Homecoming Variety Show
McKendree’s Got Talent - Variety Show (Auditions, Sunday, September 17 at 6pm – location PAC 218, Show – Tuesday, September 26 at 8:30pm in The Hett)

This event is open for both Bearcat Award Teams and individuals not part of the Bearcat Award Games.

1. Acts should be at The Hett no later than 7:45pm on September 26
2. The time limit for each act will be 5 minutes.
3. Acts are limited to a max of 10 performers and one stage manager (to coordinate the performance). Prop limitations will be discussed at the auditions. The entries will be judged by a panel, possibly consisting of faculty, staff, alums, and students.
4. Judging is based on the following: Originality - 20; Talent/Performance - 20; Attire - 20; Audience Response - 20; and McKendree Spirit - 20 for a total of 100 points.

All accepted entries will be required complete the entry form and audition for the show. Auditions will take place in 6pm in PAC 218 on September 17. Acts must be performance ready (props and costumes not required and will perform their complete act only once at auditions. All technical needs (lighting, sound, etc.) and a rough idea of the stage layout will be noted at this time. The audition will be videotaped.
The Variety Show participation is limited. Groups/Acts will be dropped from the line-up for inappropriate acts, a lack of planning, or overall level of quality.

Groups/Acts providing recorded music/accompaniment of any kind must submit one CD and one .mp3 copy on the day after the audition.
Mandatory Audition
• Failure to perform will result in disqualification.
• Groups altering acts will result in disqualification & will be escorted out.
• Costumes are subject to approval
• Each organization/participant is limited to only one act.
• All props must be removed immediately after performance and will not be stored in The Hett. NO LIQUID, GLITTER, AND/OR POWDER-LIKE PATERAIL ALLOWED. NO HELIUM BALOONS ALLOWED, OR THROWING PROPS INTO THE AUDIENCE (disqualification)
• Any act promoting irresponsible use of alcohol, using profanity, or implying sexual or racial discrimination will be automatically disqualified.
• All participants must be dressed appropriately to the team will be disqualified.
• In an effort to help make the Variety Show a safer environment for performers, we have identified some high-level risk activities that we ask you refrain from incorporating into your performance. These additions are not new for this year, but in an effort to help provide clarity to the types of maneuvers your team should avoid, we’ve created guidelines. While we understand every team wants to put on the best performance possible, a higher risk maneuver does not equate to a higher score.
• As these performances are on a wood floor (with covering) – a stunt that incorporates a toss should not be allowed. Additionally, anytime a person may become inverted, they should not be doing so over a person or prop.
• For safety purposes, anytime a person is being lifted vertically, it should be done by two people (one per each foot – these people are known as bases) and a spotter should be behind the person being lifted to protect the neck and head. Bases must use both hands, should never be holding anything else (props, etc.), and should stay in contact with the person through the dismount. Lastly, bases should never lift a person higher than chest level
• Basic sound and lights will be provided for the final competition.
• There will be no sound checks. The final order of performers will be random.
• Other clubs, organizations, or teams may not be negatively portrayed
• Performers cannot run through the audience
• Public drunkenness may result in point deductions, group disqualification, and discipline as set forth by the Policies and Regulations Document in the Student Handbook.
• Decisions by the judges are FINAL.
Music Submissions
• There is no limit on the number of songs a team may perform. Songs must be edited for content and lyrics.
• An edited version of the music being used must be turned in for review prior to the audition date. Both CD and mp3 format are preferred.
Questions concerning the Variety Show should be directed to the Office of Campus Activities, 618-537-6856 or cabtraditions@mckendree.edu.

Feel free to contact cabtraditions@mckendree.edu with any questions or concerns.

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