OWWMP - Assessor Application
Persons eligible to be trained as OSAA approved assessors include Physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, physicians assistant, nutritionist, health educator, exercise physiologist, or other persons approved by the OSAA.

Applicants will be subject to a criminal conviction history check. The cost of the check will be included in the workshop registration fee.

Description of process:

The OSAA staff will review each Assessor Profile and make decisions on admission into the program.

Each of the following profile areas will be evaluated:
- Educational experience
- Professional experience
- Geographic location
- Instructor reference
- Other references
- Criminal conviction history check

If accepted you will be required to attend and pay a fee for an initial BIA Assessor Workshop to be held at the OSAA Office on Sunday, October 13, 2019 from 9 - 1:00 pm. Cost of the workshop is $40.

This workshop will outline the OSAA regulations, assessment protocol, and data reporting requirements of the program. If denied you will be notified and must re-apply again for consideration next year.


1. Complete and submit the Assessor Profile below – include all relevant information and experience.
2. Candidates will receive a confirmation email indicating if they have been accepted into the program.
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