Montana Open Education Network
This form identifies free and low-cost materials that are in use at institutions of higher education in Montana. Instructors can share original materials as well as to see what their colleagues are using. Your responses will be published on - either anonymously, or along with your name and email, depending on your preference.

If you teach more than one low- or no-cost course, please submit one form per course. Low-cost is generally defined as materials under $30, though this number is flexible. You might use one or a combination of the following strategies:

- Create my own open or copyrighted materials
- Adopt or adapt existing open educational resources
- Use open or copyrighted materials available through the library
- Use copyrighted content that costs under $30

If so, we want to hear from you! Thank you for sharing with the Montana Open Education Network.
Institution *
Course Number (CCN ie. BIOH104) *
Share the title, author, publisher, edition, ISBN, or other bibliographic info for your course materials.
Other faculty will be using this info to find and adopt materials, so please be as complete as possible. If you use a lot of different resources, consider sharing your syllabus or reading list (with a Creative Commons license).
Please paste links to course materials listed in the previous question (if available).
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