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Directors are required to get 90pts. Developers, Recruiters, and Security are required to get 80pts.
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How Honest is the Individual? *
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Honesty is Key
Does this individual do what is asked of them? *
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Does Requested Tasks
How does this individual treat YOU and the other Directors? *
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Who do you think you're talking to?
How does this individual treat the other people on their team? *
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I'm So Better Than You
Hello Friend
How does this individual treat Guests? *
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Go Away
Nice to meet you!
Is this individual active at meetings? *
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No Show!
I'm Ready! I'm Ready!
Is the individual Reliable? *
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How many times do I have to tell you?
Next... Next... Next
How well does this individual follow the rules? *
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I make my own rules
Lives By the Rules
Admin Abuse Level *
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What does this do... WOW
No Issues with Admin
How active is this individual? (Not just in group but on Roblox as a whole) *
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When did I see you last?
Do YOU believe that this individual adapts well to changes? *
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Change is a 4 letter word
Change is Great
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