LBD.Project 2019 Partner Organizations
First, if you aren't familiar with the LBD.Project, be sure to check out our website: to see how we help ordinary people fight human trafficking. But most importantly to you, we empower them by partnering with organizations that do work that helps end or alleviate the effects of modern slavery.

In March, 2019, the LBD.Project will be featuring three organizations with differing characteristics.

Even if you are not chosen as one of our three featured organizations in 2019, we hope you still use this 31-day challenge we've packaged for you to raise funds and develop investment from your supporters for your own organization. When you register your organization to use the LBD.Project, we provide you with instructions, resources, and guidance on how to best use the LBD.Project to further your organization's mission. We will also list you as a participating organization on our website. After that, what you do with LBD.Project is up to you--some organizations use it to raise hundreds, and some use it to raise thousands. But no matter how much money you raise, our hope is still that same--that through your organization's participation in the LBD.Project, more people will become life-long advocates to end human trafficking.

In addition, if you are chosen as one of our three featured organizations, the LBD.Project team will be using our resources, voice, and time in March 2019 to spotlight the work your organization is doing and support you as well as we can. As a featured organization, you will commit to our best practices by being involved and vocal in your organization's participation of the LBD.Project through your communications. The purpose behind this is simply so that the LBD.Project is used as effectively as possible to further our common goal of raising-up advocates, as well as funding, and volunteers who are committed to bringing freedom to modern slaves.

Please use the form below to tell us about your organization and how we can work together in March 2019 to serve your organization's mission as it relates to human trafficking. Please submit this form by January 15th, 2019 to be a featured organization and by January 18th to be a registered partner organization.


The following documents will be mentioned for reference throughout the following registration and application:

LBD.Project Policy For Partner Organizations 2019:

LBD.Project Financial Accountability Form 2019:

Again, to learn more about the LBD.Project go to (please note, our website is being updated through January 2019 for the 2019 year)

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