Meet on Beach Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Thank you for offering your time to volunteer at the Meet on Beach Event (Sunday, November 17, 2019). We really appreciate it, and wouldn't be able to do this without your help!

This is a quick form just to grab some details from you, particularly your contact details, times available, and food allergies (because we want to be able to feed you while you're volunteering).

We don't expect everyone to be available for the entire day - we want you to be able to attend the festivities, as well! So the day is split up into two shifts of morning and afternoon, and there will be a range of jobs to do throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please contact contact us

Thank you!
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Time Available *
We'd like to know what times you'll be available to help! Feel free to check multiple boxes.
At what hub would you like to work? *
Each of the seven cities below will be hosting an event. We'd like to know at what city you'd like to volunteer.
What is your shirt size? (unisex) *
We are looking into the possibility of shirts for volunteers (depending on funding). So this question is in preparation for such things!
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